Can you make money with TikTok? Here’s a complete guide


How to make money on TikTok

Any business can utilize TikTok commercials, for example, to drive more customers to their online store, but doing so will take more time than working as a brand ambassador or for TikTok's Creator Fund.

Either you run a business that you advertise on TikTok, or TikTok is your business.

Let's look at how to make money through TikTok in 2022 without further ado.

  1. Drive sales with TikTok ads

To increase traffic on your website, online business, or even your TikTok Shopping tab, use TikTok advertisements. To grow your TikTok following, you might run in-feed image advertisements promoting your items or use TopView commercials creatively. Both options can help you monetize the network.

TikTok may also be used as a top-of-funnel tool to encourage consumers to subscribe to your email list or SMS marketing. This method can protect your TikTok account from appearing overly sold while still being a powerful cash generator.


  1. Sell products

To enable businesses to sell things directly on the platform and stop sending customers elsewhere, TikTok created TikTok Shopping in 2021. TikTok Shopping gives your profile a shopping tab so viewers may view items from your Shopify catalog. To direct readers to your business, you can tag your products in your post material.

Do not be timid. Tell your audience about your products. While being overly promotional should be avoided, don't forget to mention your TikTok store occasionally.


  1. Promote songs

Earn money by including music in your videos. On TikTok, almost every video contains a background song that the makers can lip sync and dance to, and musicians are aware of this significance. Musicians will pay you if you have a sizable fan base and level of engagement to advertise their music in your tracks.

They would know that if your video goes viral, their song will also increase merchandise sales, concert tickets, and downloads.

You can use TikTok to market your music if you are or plan on becoming a musician. Since TikTok is a platform for dancing and singing and posting your beats, there makes sense.


  1. Join TikTok's fund

The TikTok Creator Fund is the platform's initiative to reward users for producing exciting content. TikTok rewards you more the more people watch your videos. TikTok pays producers that contribute to their goal of keeping users on the platform so they can earn money from advertising.

To join the Creator Fund, you must have received at least 100K video views in the last 30 days. Since it's still a new concept for TikTok, be prepared to see the program develop over the ensuing months and years.

  1. Opt for sponsors

Brands will compensate you for promoting their goods and services, known as sponsored content. You don't have to have a monopolistic impact on participating. Even if the network of a micro-influencer is small, smaller firms will still pay top dollar to collaborate with them.

You can reach out to brands on your own or wait for them to contact you. You can apply to join the TikTok Creator Marketplace, a platform that links well-paying companies with influential artists if you have more than 100,000 followers and 100,000 video likes in the previous days.


  1. Become a brand ambassador

Similar to sponsored content, brand ambassadors serve as a resource for a more extended period rather than just for a single piece. As a brand ambassador, you will probably get paid and free merchandise for several weekly or monthly films. Your brand ambassador arrangement brings sweeter the better your content does.

Find the brands you adore. The ideal situation is to discover a brand that enables you to grow your network, enjoy the equipment, earn money, and have fun. Most companies have special ambassador application sections on their websites, so browse those and see if any of your favorite companies have any alluring initiatives.


  1. Work with influencers

To generate money on TikTok, you don't need a sizable following; all you need to do is tap into the creative talent that has already put in the effort to cultivate devoted viewers. To advertise your TikTok account or sponsor your products, collaborate with influencers.

Your company could succeed or fail with a single shoutout from the appropriate individual.


  1. Collect Tips

Consider asking for advice if you don't have any ideas or items in mind. It's an excellent method for your audience to support you and the material you're producing.

Collecting tips on TikTok is comparable to taking out your guitar case and playing by the side of the road or to Wikipedia's request for donations upon each visit.


How many followers do you need to make money?

Zero, technically. Through influencer marketing and TikTok ads, you might have zero followers and yet drive traffic to your e-Commerce site. You must have 10,000 followers if you wish to get paid directly from TikTok through their Creator Fund.


How many views do you need to make money?

Again, you don't need any to profit from the platform but still, you need a minimum number of views to participate in some of TikTok's initiatives and access special features. To join TikTok's Creator Fund, you must have received at least 100,000 TikTok views in the past 30 days.


Expand your business

TikTok has rapidly grown to be one of the biggest social media sites in the world, with over 1 billion monthly active members.

What began as a lighthearted video streaming app for Gen Z has transformed how organizations produce and distribute content, taking the marketing and advertising industries by storm.

The popularity of TikTok is only going to increase. You're losing out on many opportunities for brand visibility, money, and engagement if you're still not using it for your business.

A successful TikTok profile can make your life possible, but you can still use it to earn money even if you don't have millions of followers or likes.