Tips on how to get more views on TikTok


TikTok can potentially be a potent tool for expanding brand recognition and reach.

You must first increase the number of people who view your movies. So, how do you go about doing that?

Please read our blog for some fantastic tips on how you could work to attract more followers and views on your unique TikTok content.


What exactly is a view?

Before learning how to increase views on TikTok, it's critical to comprehend what counts as a view.

How each site counts views vary, but TikTok makes things straightforward. Your video receives credit for ideas as soon as it begins to play.

However, 100 times of watching your video on replay do not count as 100 views. TikTok does not measure views from your account.


How to Increase TikTok Video Views

Here are eleven tested methods you may use on your account to get more TikTok views this year:

1.Add hashtags

A valuable tool in your TikTok toolbox is hashtags. It helps the all-powerful TikTok algorithm determine who might be interested in viewing what you're publishing and what you're posting about. Additionally, hashtags are crucial for assisting users in searching to find your content.

One strategy is to use niche hashtags pertinent to your topic and audience.

It may be helpful to keep an eye out for what's popular and join the conversation with relevant material, to increase those views.

Tap the Discover tab, then tap Trends at the top of the page to see which hashtags are popular.


2.Keep it short

Videos on TikTok can now be three minutes long, but those less than 30 seconds are more likely to get views than those 3 minutes long. Additionally, it is more likely that someone will watch anything fast-paced a second or third time.


3.Opt for sound effects which are trending

Other aspects of TikTok have their own trend cycles besides hashtags. TikTok sounds likewise experience popularity ebbs and flows. Keep an eye out for repeated audio clips that you might be able to riff on. Or, more accurately, keep an ear out for them.

Selecting Add Sound after hitting the Create (+) button in the app may also find out what sounds are currently popular. You can view the most popular audio clips right away.


4.Know your audience

Determine the people you want to spend time with, and then look at prominent accounts in those communities to see what hashtags, formats, and allusions they may be utilising that might serve as an inspiration for your related content.

You can establish connections with your target audience by commenting and liking things. Hopefully, a fellow being will be motivated by your intelligent comments to visit your page to see the kind of material you're producing there.


5.Collaborate with influencers

Including outside voices in your TikTok videos is a simple approach to reaching a new audience, regardless of whether you've collaborated with another company for a cross-over opportunity, hired an influencer or famous guest star, or both.

Your unique guest will draw attention to the content you've created and attract their followers to your video.


6.Put links on your other social networks.

You undoubtedly use TikTok as part of a more extensive social media campaign, and you probably use a few other online communities. Share video teasers elsewhere to draw those viewers to your TikToks.

A quick tweet here, a quick posting on Instagram stories, and you have a full-fledged social campaign running!


7.Write catchy captions

In your TikTok caption, you may only have 150 characters at your disposal, but you may use them well. Your caption is an opportunity to convince viewers to watch your video or to start a discussion in the comments.

In the end, you want people to watch and interact with your video so that the algorithm understands this is indeed the good stuff. Your caption is a cost-free, simple technique to convince your audience once more to participate or to enjoy themselves.


8.Wait for the right time to post your video.

You won't obtain the desired number of views if you post while nobody else uses the app. To release your most recent video at the perfect moment for maximum exposure, check your account analytics to learn when your followers are active.


9.Create HD quality videos

People are likelier to watch your movies if they look well that is they have excellent lighting and sound quality and include some upbeat edits.

Some high-end camera might help you bring in quality videos for your page.


10.Daily engagement through videos

Within the TikTok community, events happen quickly. Do your best to produce high-quality material consistently, and don't worry about over-saturating your audience. In real, TikTok advises uploading 1-4 times daily.

The more videos you have, the more probable it is that someone will see your page on multiple social networks and come looking for more.


11.Create valuable content

Although it may seem apparent, one of the best methods to gain views on TikTok is to produce engaging and worthwhile content.

If you've used the app frequently, you might have noticed that instructional videos and other instructive content do well.

Why is that? Maybe because they provide people with new, practical information that applies to their life and may help it in some way possible.


Why could you possibly not get views?

It could be for several reasons if you're not getting any views on your TikToks.

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TikTok is all about entertainment and fun. Finding your groove on TikTok can take time. It could possibly take years. People thrive throughout years and wait for their breakthrough, which could definitely happen over a 5 second video. The key however, is to keep working hard and keep striving until you finally find your one idea to be influencing and amazing.

Remember to keep the tips in mind and you’re all set to shine!