How to become famous on TikTok?


What is TikTok?

In our modern world social media platforms are taking over and they are playing a huge and important role in today’s society. TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that allows people to create and share videos, entertain them, and make a profit. To use TikTok correctly you should know well about its algorithm that is responsible for boosting all your videos by making them appear on the “For You” page. To become famous on TikTok you should keep in mind that your videos should always go viral, and to help you with that here are some tips.


Increase the number of views and likes

When you post a video on TikTok you should be aware of the number of views and likes. Getting a huge number of user interactions is important because it can determine whether your video is worth going viral. Some people may face a sudden drop in the number of interactions from users on this application, so how should they increase their chances of going viral?


Here are two solutions proposed that will help TikTokers reach their goals safely and easily:


Use trending pieces of music, sounds, and hashtags in your videos

When creating a video on the TikTok application, don’t forget to add trending music, sounds, and hashtags. Using relevant hashtags on TikTok allows more people to reach out to your video because hashtags are simple keywords that help users filter the research and discover more videos related to the specific topic they want to see, and the most important thing is to try to create your engaging sound effect because it may catch the audience’s attention and use it while trying to recreate the same video.



Duet with other TikTok users and go LIVE

When you’re active on TikTok try to duet with other TikTok users. It’s a feature that allows you to post your original video next to another creator’s video which will massively increase the number of engagements and reach. Going live on TikTok is one of the most important features of this app. It can boost your account incredibly by increasing the interactions and engagement on your profile, you’ll gain more views, and likes, and guess what! YOU’LL GET PAID around $200 to $1000 or more per month.


Create good content on TikTok

When creating a video you should consider the topic you’re willing to adopt to attract and impress the audience while watching. Choosing attractive content will let the audience watch your video till the end without skipping it, they will also share it and visit your profile to watch more.

 To help you choose an exquisite topic here are a few examples:


  • Culinary recipes
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Entertaining content
  • Educational content
  • Do popular trend
  • Tell people about your personal experiences
  • Tell short stories
  • Do lip-syncing by recreating videos that went viral.



Know your audience

Knowing your audience on TikTok is a very important step the user should acknowledge because it will give a glimpse into the content that TikToker should choose to attract people. To know your audience you should identify target demographics on this application by accessing TikTok analytics.

TikTok Analytics tool provides you with a lot of detailed information:

  • How many times your video was shared
  • How much your TikTok profile is growing per week/month
  • How many followers did the user gain or lost
  • How many people have visited your profile during the past 30 days




How to strengthen the engagement with your audience on the TikTok platform?


Tiktok is unlike other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where you don’t need to post frequently or it’s not necessary at all. To increase your audience’s engagement on TikTok you should consider posting more than once a day and daily. When you engage with your audience on TikTok they will feel your hard efforts trying to communicate and engage with them so they will begin phenomenally interacting with you.

 All you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Live Stream on this application because it’s a great opportunity to connect with people, share ideas, and communicate with each other. The audience will appreciate this kind of effort so they will also engage with you even more.


  • Replying to the comments by creating a whole new video where you reply orally is a great way to boost your engagement because you’ll be creating a strong and personal bond with your followers.


  • Using the Q&A feature allows your followers to ask you questions while you can reply to them. This feature will appear in a red button on your profile as soon as you activate it from TikTok’s application settings.


  • Take into account the three seconds rule for TikTok. When creating a video to tell a story, your first three seconds should be very eye-catching and interesting for your audience so they will have curiosity to visit your profile again to watch the following parts of your story. This technique is really helpful if you want to boost your profile and engage with your audience.


  • Make sure to film your video with high-end quality to indirectly compel your audience to watch your video till the end without skipping parts or scrolling down to the next video. It can happen frequently to a lot of users, simply because a low resolution will lead to an annoying fuzzy and blurry screen.


  • Try to write an impressive caption under every video you post on TikTok, creativity is essential in captivating the audience’s attention and you can also increase your chances by getting more views and engagement on your post. For example, you can add a question where you can ask your followers what they’re doing today or what country they live in, then your followers will try to communicate with you by answering with a comment on your post




How to become a TikTok sensation